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Trading For a Living

This is an award-winning investment blog that I have been running since 2016. During this time I have met many interesting people through it, partnered with a national brokerage, won the blog of the year competition twice, created a unique options course, and led five editions of the phenomenally well-received Investment University, whose virtual walls have already seen almost 1,000 graduates leave.

What can you find on the blog?

Above all, knowledge. But the kind that is reliable, backed up by years of real-world experience, and not based on dry theory or stereotypes repeated over and over again. In a nutshell:

  • Hundreds of educational articles
  • Dozens of investment ideas
  • Several webinar recordings about the stock market
  • Compendium on options
  • Encyclopaedia, comments and forum

The problem with the material available on blogs on the internet is that it is often the same clichés repeated for decades by people who have little to do with professional trading in international financial markets. Well. Trading For a Living shatters that order.

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The idea of spreading sound knowledge and combating stereotypes about the market may seem quite laudable and worthy of recognition, but the truth is also that I originally started this blog mainly to make use of the somehow lengthy time at airports while waiting for connecting flights.

I thought I could write short texts at such moments and share my observations, analyses, comments, tidbits from the markets, from books and from the foreign press and fresh ideas for lucrative deals. So the blog was purely to be something to constructively fill the void left by jet lag.

But that was almost seven years ago. Today the blog is something much, much bigger.